About Us

Ellow Design is a full-serivce interior design and project management firm specializing in residential remodels and new construction. We provide design services to clients seeking comprehensive support on their project, as well as empowering creative and design savvy clients to apply their personalized vision into an informed and integrated design plan. Regardless of how involved our clients wish to be in the design process, we encourage them to bring their imagination to the table during our design consultation phase so we can weave the collective daydream into an inspired and satisfied reality. Once the design plans are set, our project management services allow clients to continue living their most productive lives as we handle all aspects of a project with the highest level of quality control and contractor oversight. We'll do the dirty work so you can do the dream work! 


Eliah Prichard, Design & Project Manager

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Eliah grew up in the rainy valleys of Oregon as a leadership nerd and creative arts enthusiast. Following years of experience in event planning and team management, she transitioned into the field of psychology with a keen interest in the process of human communication. Receiving a B.A. in Psychology and a M.S. in Couple’s and Family Therapy from the University of Oregon, Eliah specialized in play and creative art therapy with children from trauma backgrounds.

With a degree in people and an intuitive pull towards a creative career, Eliah bounded to Los Angeles in 2015 to explore the impact of being in an active and abundant creative community. After dabbling in production design, set design and working as an assistant producer to artists in the LA area, Eliah joined forces with an award-winning Los Angeles Interior Design firm as the Director of Business and Design. Having grown up in a family of architects, contractors, upholsters and artists, Eliah took to the interior design and project management field like Los Angelite's take to avocado toast and cold-pressed juice. 

Running remodel and new construction projects for prominent producers, designers and young professionals afforded Eliah the profound inspiration and experience necessary to launch her own design firm. Having found the city of Los Angeles full of creative and design savvy individuals seeking practical support on their projects, Eliah developed a design consultation and project management company focused specifically on empowering a collaborative design process and comprehensive construction management. Pulling from her background in communication, team management, creative arts, design and architecture, Ellow Design is the brain child of several distinct career paths that packs a punch for clients who are passionate about design and who desire to maintain their current lifestyle during a build/remodel. The perfect marriage between curating a process and curating a design, Eliah creates a common language for clients and contractors alike, resulting in final reveals that showcase detail oriented, sophisticated, and beautifully unique designs personalized to each client’s extraordinary vision.

Eliah currently lives in a 1920’s Spanish hacienda and can be found after hours drinking Old Fashions, scheming on custom furniture designs or searching for additional vintage Hawaiian shirts to add to her collection.