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Ellow Design is a full-service interior design firm with an eye for polished, alluring and versatile interiors. The scope of our work includes specification and procurement of interior and exterior furnishings, selection and procurement of architectural finish materials, design consultation and space planning, visual renderings and presentations, contractor and vendor coordination, onsite management, quality control, scheduling, budgeting and beyond. Each project constitutes an original combination of services necessary to put the vision into action and make the dream a reality. Our mission is to empower our clients as we apply their personalized vision to an informed and integrated design plan, all the while serving as the bridge between architects, contractors, vendors and fabricators so we can coordinate a positive process for everyone involved in creating a wickedly awesome and inspired space.

Eliah Prichard | Principal | Designer

Hello - I am the owner and designer here at Ellow Design. I launched this company to work with clients from a non-hierarchical standpoint, supporting the growth of their knowledge regarding the process of design and construction. My work pairs a modern aesthetic featuring sculptural silhouettes with one-of-a-kind vintage pieces for a timeless design that feels instantly grounded. Neutral tones and monochromatic colorways will always win my heart, especially when combined with a symphony of textures, but when a room begs for color a bold palette will follow. Most importantly, there needs to be an element to the design that grabs a little bit of tension and provides an air of intrigue to keep the narrative of the space vibrant and active.

Process is important to me - I work closely with all of my clients and contractors to move smoothly through what can easily become chaos without proper planning and communication. When a space is revealed and all the trucks pull away, I strive to land my clients so in love with the design elements it’s as if they were alway meant to be. The end of a project is marked by what’s new feeling instantly familiar as it mirrors the unique personality of each client and inspires their future in a way that is congruent with the memories they wish to create.

As the daughter of an architect and an antique curator, my childhood is marked by the smell of sawdust on a construction site and that particular musk of vintage. My experience with building and design can be followed all the way back to the roots. Of course, like all teenagers I rebelled against the family creative legacy and went off to complete a master’s degree in Couples and Family Therapy from the University of Oregon. Promptly after graduating however, I moved to Los Angeles in pursuit of a career which could masterfully marry the cerebral with the creative (enter: Interior Design). To my surprise, a degree in communication was exactly what the design world was calling for - as I plan projects that naturally impact my client’s family, home and finances, transparency and authenticity lead the way in keeping everyone happy and on the same page.

Our physical surroundings significantly interact with the state of our mind - I look forward to working with you to create a space that can carry the conversation for years to come.

Eliah Prichard Portrait