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Satisfying the Soul 101

  • Embrace Fluidity and Change

  • Find Beauty in the Process

  • Cherish the Little Things

  • Honor the Space Around You

  • Breath Love Into What Gives You Life

  • Share Joy With Others

Sitting on visions of your dream kitchen and many well developed Pinterest Board catalogues for over a decade gives you a special kind of energy once the time for remodeling finally arrives. This energy manifests as a creative aura that nurtures the process of actualizing a space with thoughtful intention. As a passionate cook and bodacious baker, client No Regrets had her heart set on an epic kitchen to overjoy any chef’s desires and a design plan that embodied a calming retreat vibe throughout the house. The final recipe for success? One third cup French Farmhouse, one third cup Organic Modern and one third cup Sanctuary. Sift, stir, bake and repeat. Perhaps a challenging task for a vision of a woman busy creating sourdough from scratch to set next to her homemade strawberry jam and fig tarts, but that’s why we all know, it takes a village.

To further enthuse the equally gifted green thumb, we sought to incorporate organic textures into the design plan with touches of reclaimed wood, natural grains, textured ceramics and hand crafted fixtures. While the stunner to steal the show is undoubtably the natural quartzite slabs sprawling across the kitchen, you’ll also get a wink from the handmade copper sink and a high five from the burgundy leather bar stools shall you be gifted a visit to this Woodland Hills sanctuary. But if not, find a moment to take in what’s good today, because after all, there is no room for regret when living an outstanding life.

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