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Design Consultation

You are in the process of updating and designing your new space! That's amazing! This is the phase that most people think of when someone says "Interior Designer". We'll be scheming on design styles, colorways, materials, fabrics, dimensions, functionality, contractors, architects, vendors and on it goes. At Ellow Design we believe in amping up our client's natural ability to translate their personal taste into a truly beautiful and integrated living space.

Our approach supports the architectural materials and interior furnishing selection process from a collaborative and non-hierarchical standpoint, integrating the most inspired aspects of your vision into a cohesive, detail oriented and thoughtfully curated plan. Design consultations support the illumination of every tiny detail which may need to be considered during a construction or interior remodel project and provide a method for integrating material selections into deliciously designed style boards. Whatever support and visual services you may need we have available, from floor plans to photo realistic renderings. Working closely with our vendors, we’ll source and procure materials specifically selected for your unique project!

Project Management

Project management is the bread and butter of the interior design industry. While interior furnishing and architectural material selection is on the forefront of every project, project management is what makes it all possible. A project manager wears many hats and motivates the completion of each project with an informed and detailed eye. Equally as important, project management involves the orchestration of a playful and positive experience for everyone involved in the process of a remodel/build. 

Ellow Design prides our project management services in bridging the gap between clients and subcontractors. Our expertise is in setting clients and associated architects, contractors and vendors up for success by providing a common language between all. Services begin with contractor consultations, estimate evaluations, material/furnishing quotes, budget tracking and purchasing. We then quality check all aspects of the construction process and carefully plan schedules to keep projects on track. By facilitating clear and active communication between clients and contracted workers, everyone stays on the same page in regard to the end goal of the project - a thoughtfully built, personally unique, swoon-worthy space.