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Delighting a Virgo 101

  • Schedule & Structure the Process

  • Clear Chaos & Clutter

  • Communicate Openly & Honestly

  • Brighten the Vibe

  • Diversify the Palatte

  • Prioritize Functionality & Efficiency

  • Provide Fine Wine.

Seeking out a total overhaul of his Santa Monica stunner, one eligible bachelor and self-asserted Virgo rightfully inaugurated a refreshed, dynamic and functional remodel. Pronto. With the 1920’s Spanish hacienda begging for its natural warmth and character to be returned, we introduced blonde oak flooring to lay a classic foundation for timeless white walls, vintage art and a diverse trifle of architectural materials featuring marbles, metals and more.

For the love of dogs! In true Virgo nature, this organized and straight-shooting client had a soft-spot for rescuing fluffy little creatures in need of sanctuary. So how do you design a luxurious home subject to the daily whims and unavoidable mischief of the pack? Incorporating high-performance materials on the sofa and drapes was our start, while we utilized distressed leather accent chairs, interchangeable carpet tiles and ample storage to guard the goodies to both protect and unleash the pooches playground.

We love designing to the unique personalities and lifestyles of our clients, shooting for the moon to carry a healthy dose of design through Virgo Season and beyond.

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